Rub a dub dub. Bathroom Cleaning Tips Victoria BC residents

How often should I clean my bathroom? We get that question a lot. Usually the bathroom should be cleaned at least once a week. If you have a large family, it is recommended to clean it more frequently. I know cleaning a bathroom is not at the top of everybody’s favorite things to do list, however, if you clean the bathroom regularly, you don’t need a scouring pad or the latest fad cleaner from the store. You can make your bathroom sparkle without making it a big chore.

*Humidity Control

You know mildew loves humidity.  If your bathroom has windows, please open it wide at least 20 minutes a day to ventilate. (Yes, this includs winter season.) If you only have the bathroom fan, no problem, please make sure everybody uses it when showering or bathing and leave it on for at least one hour after each use.

*Get rid of Clutter

Are there candles, bottles of potions, lotions, make ups, hair sprays from 2years ago still there on your counter tops? They are invading your living space. Get rid of it! Try to keep things that you use in drawers, medicine cabinets, cupboards, and baskets. Just like anything, de-cluttering always helps to keep clean the space.

*Use the right cleaners

As long as you are de-cluttering, you won’t need many. Some store bought products are fine, but make sure you read labels before you use it. Some of them are too harsh on certain products. For an example, you can’t use Windex on marbles, granite, travertine etc… If you have arbarite counter top, homemade all purpose cleaners (you can easily find it online) or a mild dish washing liquid (but not dishwasher soap) also do the job as effectively and have the added bonus of not poisoning you or your environment. (Also, this works for acrylic bathtubs) if you have natural stone counter tops, shower stalls, (everything made of natural stone) DO NOT use the vinegar and anything containing acidic ingredients. It will etch the stone.

*Choose your tools

Like I said, if you cleaned the bathroom regularly, you don’t need many. There are short lists of tools I recommend to use are quality spray bottle for the homemade cleaners and microfiber cleaning cloths.  Quit using your husband’s old T-shirts for rags, use this instead. You will be amazed how they can clean and sparkles almost anything without cleaners. You can buy it any hardware stores. They are durable, and not expensive to buy.

*Make it a habit

It is good to keep up good cleaning habits. Always rinse the bathtubs or shower stalls after taking a bath or a shower and remove hair from the traps in the drains to prevent clogging. If you can somehow bribe or threaten your family to do the same, it will be much easier to maintain sparkling clean bathroom. Also, sealing your tile and grout every 6 months will help to maintain your bathroom and make it easier to clean.