Bathroom products – Bathroom shower remodel

At Tile ’N Tubs we believe that to have a top quality finished product preparation is the key. That is why we use only the best products on the market such as the Schluter-KERDI water proof membrain system. It is the same system seen on HGTV’s Holmes on Homes.

When buying fixtures there are many options to choose from. To get a good quality product it is recommended to go with trusted names in the industry such as MoenAmerican Standard and Toto.

Tile shower remodel

Known for it’s durability, variation and practicality, tile has been the most popular choice for bathroom renovations for many decades. Some choices include ceramic, porcelain, slate, glass, mosaic tile and many more exciting products.

Natural stone tile

Natural stone has been manufactured by the earth. Each and every stone is essentially unique with respect to colors, patterns and structures. There is nothing exactly the same. Travertine and marble are popular choices. A variety of other stone selections are available including limestone, slate, sandstone and granite.

Tile installation

There are certain conditions  to be considered prior to Tile installation in order to enhance the maximum result. Important factors include existing surface conditions, knowledge of the uniqueness of each tile, specific measures used in water proofing and adhesion etc…Tile and natural stone tile must be installed by an experienced installer with appropriate tools and setting materials. Most times, a do-it yourself job looks like a do-it yourself job. Contact Tile ’N Tubs today for Free in-home consultation.