Master Bedroom En-suite Trend for 2011

Did you know the fact that bathroom remodeling has the greatest return on investment along with kitchen remodeling? The current trend is creating your very own spa at home it is very hot especially for the economy today where regular trips to the spa are a treat. Nowadays, more homeowners choose to invest heavily in bathroom remodels in order to increase in their life styles as well as their homes value. I’m going to tell you some stylish and affordable must have trends for bathroom remodeling in 2011. (Master bedroom en-suite)

  • Heated Tile Floors

We’ve done many heated floors for bathroom remodeling recently. This used to be a most luxurious item, but it is becoming a standard nowadays. Heating element can be installed under many types of flooring. A great feature is that the heating system can be set on a timer so you can save energy, save wall space (compare with base board heater). Best of all, your floor will be nice and toasty just for you on a cold winter morning. How luxurious is that! , but without a lot of extra expense.

  • Double sinks. His and Hers.

Pedestal sinks look nice and stylish, but they are nightmares for woman. Your new bathroom can be stylish, functional and convenient. His and hers sinks have them all. They are very functional and convenient for a busy household. They also have lots of space for all of life’s necessities. Modern floating style bathroom vanity makes small bathroom spacious and clean. They are available in high and low prices.

  • Fancy gadgets

Technology has revolutionized our daily life. Here are the most popular fancy gadgets for the bathroom.

*High-tech bidet toilet seat

The toilet is the most used seat in the house. Why don’t we make it special? The futures come with bidet, heated seat, deodorizer, soft closed toilet seat and lid, air-dryer etc… The benefit of using a bidet is that it provides better hygiene than using Toilet paper alone. The best of, it’s nice to have a warm seat on a cold night.

*Heated towel racks

Heated towel racks are getting popular. It is not only to warm towels, but it also keeps the bathroom warm and reduces moistures and mildew. If you have small sized bathroom, you don’t need a baseboard heater. This will do the job. A lot of them are energy efficient.

*Multiple Shower jet sprayers

We have been replacing many en-suite bathtubs to shower stalls with a built in bench. Multiple shower jet sprayers can be mounted depending on your height and preference. The rain shower is very popular as well. It makes you feel like you are showering under a natural rain shower.

  • Built-in Shampoo-nish

In order to create your tranquility of a spa bath, the focus is on natural materials such as wood, granite, slate, lime stone…you name it. We start with picking a tile you like and match everything else. A built-in shampoo-nishe or shelves add a stylish and functional factor to your Oasis.  They are one of the most requested add-ons we do.

People are looking to escape from the stress of their daily lives. They want to have a soothing, personal oasis at their home.  A lot of trendy things for 2011 are both stylish and functional. If you have any questions, please contact Tile’n Tubs for free consultation.