3 tips to make a small bathroom feel larger

What is the definition of “Home improvements”? It is not only making improvements to your house. It is also about improving your lifestyle!  At Tile ‘n tubs, we would like to help you improve your lifestyle.   

You don’t have to add square footage to make your current bathroom feel larger. Here are 3 techniques you can do today to make a small bathroom feel larger.

1, Get rid of visual and physical clutter

Let’s make it simple. Do not over decorate with ornaments and art. Stay away from frilly curtains and furry mats. Get rid of any clutter especially on a counter tops. Try to keep things in the drawers and cabinets.

2, Light it right

Incorporate several sources of lighting to eliminate shadowy corners. You can also try to create an illusion of height by focusing low-wattage indirect lighting on the ceiling.

3, Illusion magic

Use large mirrors to make the space larger. A toilet with a lower tank also can make a small room feel larger.

If you are planning to remodel your bathrooms, there are many other tricks to make your bathroom feel bigger. If you want more information, contact Tile ‘n Tubs today.